Food Fight

Jon jbondy at
Tue Jun 21 07:10:33 CDT 2005

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> At present there are more dozens of prolific tool authors for the Rev 
> community, and the number grows every month.  There are a handful of 
> issues with the development and deployment of tools that are common to 
> all, and by choosing to adopt a few fully-optional rules about how 
> things are put together we can collectively ensure robust and reliable 
> performance for all of them.

This brings up a question I've had.  I think of Rev as being an 
interesting way for one person to hack out a small tool/program, but I 
have trouble seeing how one would make a large application, for a number 
of reasons.  One has to do with the fact that I see no way to create 
true objects and classes, both visual and non-visual.  Another has to do 
with libraries: I don't see how one would create such a thing and then 
use it.  And there is the name space issue, which may be handled 
adequately, but perhaps not exceptionally.

Are there resources that explain how one can think about moving beyond 
the trivial programs to something more substantial?



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