Dreamcard, am I missing something?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jun 10 16:06:20 CDT 2005

Douglas Gilliland wrote:
> I agree. I am a high school physical science educator that has used
> HyperStudio for ten years to author programs for my students. When
> they double clicked on a program, a splash screen told them they were
> running a HyperStudio program but that was it - they didn't have to
> navigate to it. The program launched automatically.
> But HyperStudio didn't upgrade to Mac OSX so I am now using DreamCard
> to rewrite my stacks but don't like the idea that my students have to
> navigate to my program after clicking on it's icon.
> I also would like to know is there a way to eliminate this other than
> purchasing Revolution Studio? I don't mind a splash screen to show my
> students they are running a Revolution program, but why not skip the
> navigation part since they already clicked on the program they wish to
> run.

Agreed.  If confirmed that the behavior is consistent it should be filed 
as a bug in Bugzilla.

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