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Thu Jun 9 02:09:23 CDT 2005

Hi Michael and Brian,

May be you could have a look to my How-To stack "How to manage  
scrollbars" (available through Tutorials Picker: see my website).
It does the trick with the rigt ticks marks :-)

on scrollbarDrag pPos
   set the pageInc of me to the endValue of me / (the endValue of me  
+ 1)
end scrollbarDrag
on mouseUp
   set the thumbPos of me to the thumbPos of me
end mouseUp

Le 9 juin 05 à 04:09, Michael J. Lew a écrit :

> What do these number series have in common, and what is the  
> underlying pattern?
> a: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8,9,10;
> b: 1,10,20,29,38,48,57,67,76.
> The answer is they are the series of values that you get when you  
> click on the bar of (a) a fresh, unadjusted slider control, and (b)  
> a slider with its "On bar click" value (pageInc property) set to 10.
> Here is a challenge:
> Make a slider control that starts at 0 and increments by exactly 10  
> when you click on the bar, up to 100.
> It is certainly possible, but not easy if you don't know the trick.

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