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Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Mon Jun 6 15:52:35 EDT 2005

Jon wrote:

> This is great if you know in advance that there is enough room to 
> display the image in this way, at this particular scale.  What I 
> wanted was something that automatically displayed the image at the 
> largest resolution possible in "the available space".  That's where 
> the confusion comes in: I need to store the "available space" 
> somewhere in the Image object if I am to perform the computations 
> properly.  Maybe it is just that simple, at least for me.

I did that by putting in a graphic "theFrame" which was set to the 
maximum size available for the image. In the Geometry manager, I set the 
graphic up to stretch to fill the space when the user resized the stack 
window (and ignored the image object).  And then simply calculated the 
sizes for the image to fit inside the graphic "theFrame".

You could stick it in a customProperty of the image - but then you need 
to figure out stack resizing - easy if you roll your own resizing code, 
but not so easy if you are using the Geometry Manager. 

(btw - some day I may actually put a pretty frame into that graphic to 
frame the  photo - but I'll probably never get around to that).

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