Dreamcard Roadster in the future???

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Sun Jun 5 23:02:12 CDT 2005


EXACTLY!!!  De ja vous! Been there, heard that!!

(How can you tell I work at a publicly-funded university?)


On Sun, 5 Jun 2005, Andre Garzia wrote:

> distance learning tool for those in rural areas. If you could just see
> the monster they created, imagine this: HTML + Microsoft Word
> documents. I tried to talk to them, it was something along this lines:
> 	DIRECTOR: "So you think you have a better solution?"
> 	ME: "Yes, I do. In PUC we had a very high level tool which is far more
> advanced than this one and far easier to work out"
> 	DIRECTOR: "But it runs in a browser?"
> 	ME: "No, it runs on itself."
> 	DIRECTOR: "It needs to run in a browser!"
> 	ME: "You know, browsers are not operating systems, things should not
> need to run in a browser..."
> 	DIRECTOR: "Our current solution runs in a browser."
> 	ME: "Your current solution is an index of word documents and email
> chatting. That is not a solution and will be a problem soon."
> 	DIRECTOR: "If it does not runs in a browser, we're not interested."

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