Windows Command Code Resolved

Dan Shafer revdan at
Fri Jul 29 18:58:07 EDT 2005

Just to close the loop on my earlier question....

Chipp and I walked through on the phone the use of the "start"  
command in the Win shell and for some reason, it worked fine. I think  
I was enclosing the file name in quotation marks earlier and when I  
took them out, voila!

So the bare-bones version of this is simplicity itself:

on mouseUp
   if the platform is "Win32"  then
     put "start" && the eBookContents of this stack into openCmd
     put "open" && the eBookContents of this stack into openCmd
   end if
   put shell (openCmd) into shellResult
end mouseUp

Lots of error-checking and other stuff to add, of course, but this  
gets me to the next level.

I appreciate everyone's help, esp. Jonathan, who went way above and  
beyond and, of course, Chipp.

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