possible imagesource bug

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Thu Jul 28 17:47:22 EDT 2005

Hi Levi,

The engine does not assign an image to a character but to the  
location of a character.
Besides you write:
   set the imageSource of char 1 of line 2 of field "This" to 2533
And not:
   set the imageSource of z to 2533 :-)

In practice, it's very rare to let the user handle images in an  
*editable* field.
Usually imageSource is used in locked fields: imagine if the user  
clears an image, he will not be able to restore it later :-)

You might consider imageSource as an "hidden" html feature: <img  
src="image ID">
If you look at the html text of a field where you have changed a  
"character location" for an image you will see it.

Le 28 juil. 05 à 23:22, Levi Kendall a écrit :

>   I'm using the imagesource property on characters of text within a
> field to display images (I'm assuming this is the best way to do
> that).  Anyway, what my problem using it has been is when the cursor
> is immediately in front of an image in the field, any letter that gets
> pressed (or even spacebar / numbers / etc) will assume the imagesource
> property for that character, and the character that was originally
> being used for the image (with imagesource) will be placed after the
> image in the field.  Essentially what this is like if you are looking
> at it happen is the new char is pushing the old char out of the image.
>  The result I'm looking for is to have the new character placed in
> front of the image (this would be the expected result I would say).
> Has anyone experienced this or found a solution for it?  This behavior
> seems odd to me so I'm guessing this is not working as intended?

Best Regards from Paris,

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