Mac -> Win problems

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at
Tue Jul 26 19:38:14 EDT 2005

No no, you're right, I wasn't thinking clearly. (How novel!) _One_  
version of the text-and-marks field, screen-shot and therefore  
reliable in size, with covering fields tailored to that immutable  
size. Yes, that ought to work. I'll try it, especially if I can't get  
the text-size-changing approach to work (which would be an easier  
path from where I am now).


On Jul 26, 2005, at 6:08 PM, Phil Davis wrote:

>>> - you can display a screenshot of the field and not the field   
>>> itself. This is my current favorite, because it's air-tight as  
>>> long  as (1) you're only dealing with screen displays, not  
>>> printing, and  (2) the displayed text will never need to be  
>>> selected or edited by  the end user. This option also lets you  
>>> use whatever font you like,  without regard to cross-platform  
>>> anything.
>> If I understand what you're suggesting there at the end, it has  
>> the  same problem as the other solution I thought of: having  
>> alternative  versions of the text field in question, and replacing  
>> the initial  version (hey, presto) with a new one each time a  
>> button is pressed.  But it runs into a problem combinatorial  
>> explosion. If one card has  (say) four "hiding" fields to be  
>> hidden (revealing the underlying  marks), I have no way to predict  
>> the order in which the user will  click the buttons to do each of  
>> them. So I would need, just for that  card, sixteen versions of  
>> the field. Same with screenshots, as far as  I can see. Since  
>> there are several dozen cards in this section of the  stack,  
>> that's beginning to look like drudgery on a scale I can't afford.
> Sorry if I lost something in the translation here, but... If your  
> text (and the field) always had the exact same metrics throughout  
> on both platforms, wouldn't that make your cover fields always  
> work? If so, it seems to me that's what you'd get by using a  
> screenshot of your field instead of the field itself.
> Feel free to correct me...

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