Praise: Rev Documentation to the rescue

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That is exactly the way the Director list serve is. Those who really 
know don't pass on what they learned and it is rather 'stuffy'. That is 
one reason why I abandoned Director in the end. The other was that 
every Director project 'looks' and 'feels' exactly the same, I mean you 
can tell a mile away if something was done in Director. I just didn't 
like that for the prototype work that I do. Where as this list and 
Rev's standalones are extremely fantastic.

I am hoping that Borders Book stores also end up with a whole book 
shelf full of Transcript/Revolution stuff.

P.S. Speaking of loving Rev and the people on this list, I want another 
Rev T-Shirt and Coffee Mug, I used mine everyday and, well, I spilled 
my coffee mug on the T-shirt and well now it's stained through. Anyone 
know if they will appear again???


On Jul 25, 2005, at 11:43 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Dennis Brown wrote:
>> I get the distinct impression that many actually do not want to see  
>> the exclusive club of knowledgeable Transcript programmers expand to  
>> quickly by having good docs.
> Sorry, but this really bothers me. If the other professionals are 
> anything like me, they want Revolution to be wildly successful; our 
> livelihood depends on it. It's why I volunteer so much of my time to 
> the community -- to spread the word. If I were concerned about being 
> in the elite, I wouldn't give a shred of advice on this list and I 
> wouldn't be spending the hours I do on the scripting conferences. I 
> would love to see the program as well-used and understood as, say, 
> Flash or VB. I would like to see a huge installed base from which I 
> could cherry-pick clients and subcontractors. I'd love for Revolution 
> to be so wide-spread and well-known that there was a whole shelf at 
> Barnes and Noble on Transcript and an entire business community 
> looking for Rev programmers.
> I want everyone and their grandma to know Revolution. It would 
> increase my business a hundredfold.
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