Rant Re Rev Documentation

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Mon Jul 25 17:43:16 EDT 2005

I just 'roll my own' print dialog boxes, which are cross-platform, have 
built in high quality 'Print Preview' and can print selected page 
ranges...so, IMO it's not a too 'glaring bug.'

Dan and I have talked about creating an 'advanced printing ebook' with a 
library which would show how this is done.


Charles Hartman wrote:
> It's not going to make me any more popular, but I have to say that  this 
> seems like an example of the basic problem. It's a pretty  glaring bug 
> -- as someone else pointed out, if you make the print  dialog available, 
> you probably need to pay attention to what it says.  

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