Praise: Rev Documentation to the rescue

Mark Talluto userev at
Mon Jul 25 13:43:28 EDT 2005

Dear fellow Revers,

I use Rev every day like many of you and got stuck on something.  I  
have a registration screen that works perfectly when the stack is  
modal.  When the stack is toplevel, things fall apart.  I looked up  
the modal command in the Rev Docs and found an answer to my  
question.  Modal stacks stop a script in action until the modal stack  
has been closed.  I did not realize this before.

The point is, I think it is important to post once in a while how the  
Rev Docs do work for us.  Quite possibly, they work more for us than  
they fail us.  Over the years, there have been plenty of comments on  
how the Docs are inadequate, but few on their usefulness.  I use them  
every day and have a deep appreciation for their existence.  Thank  
you to all those involved.

Mark Talluto
CANELA Software

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