Unicode confusion

Brad Borch brad at activadesign.com
Mon Jul 25 10:50:02 EDT 2005

Ok, I'm thoroughly confused. I've built an application for creating a 
Greek dictionary. I'd like to use Bitstream Vera as the base font for 
the application. However, the rev documentation says:

> If you set the unicodeText of a field to a unicodeString that contains multiple languages, Revolution automatically sets the textFont of double-byte characters to the appropriate Unicode font. 

Can I force Rev to choose a particular font for Unicode text? I can set 
the textFont but Rev still forces the Unicode text into Geneva. I can 
set the htmlText and use the appropriate tags but Rev still does strange 
things. For example, if I include a space between the entities, Rev 
renders the characters following the space as some sort of Asian font, 
but if I remove the space, the fonts render correctly.

I was under the impression that the advantage of Unicode was that, no 
matter what font you used, any given unicode entity was exactly the 
same. Is this a bug? Is something happenting I'm not aware of?

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