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I've never used Real BASIC.  But, I cut my teeth on Applesoft BASIC  
years ago, so I'm a BASIC fan from way back.

That being said, the advantage I see to Rev is the fact that I can  
create an app on my Mac and port it to Windows at the very last  
minute (literally a few hours worth of work at most for a full app  
consisting of hundreds of cards, mainly checking every screen to make  
sure the fonts look OK).

Frankly, I find Transcript and BASIC to have a lot in common...exact  
commands may vary slightly but I rarely have trouble figuring out  
which command I need by referring to the Transcript Dictionary that  
comes with the full set of manuals.

The only disadvantage I've seen is that the interface is not all that  
well documented, so it takes a little while to get used to-- 
particularly if you've never used HyperCard (I had).  But that is a  
one-time only learning curve.

Rev is a real boon to Mac people who want to do seamless cross- 
platform development!

I use the full Enterprise version, so I can't help you with the  
differences between it and other, less expensive versions.


On Jul 23, 2005, at 12:05 PM, J. Valle 1234web.net wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been playing for a couple of days with Revolution and Realbasic,
> researching trought the lists, looking for the right tool to develop
> cross platform commercial applications, but the main target platform
> would be Windows and both tools looks specially focused on Mac OS.
> Seems that Revolution has a loyal base of users but is less popular  
> than
> Realbasic, also a lot more expensive, the way documentation is  
> organized
> is not exactly intuitive and the main con is their exotic language and
> programming paradigma.
> Then the questions are:
> - Why should choose Revolution instead Realbasic? comments from people
> using both tools would be greatly appreciated
> - Is this a mature tool to develop cross platform applications?
> - I suppose that maturity is not a problem for Mac, but what about
> Windows and Linux?
> - What are the differences between Studio and Enterprise version? a
> comparison table on your site would help to decide.
> Thanks,
> Jose
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