Arcade Engine

Malte Brill revolution at
Fri Jul 15 15:58:02 EDT 2005

Hi Thomas,

 >I have a couple of textbooks and I have created Runtime Rev arcade 
 >to go with them. I just make them simple with fish jumping around and
 >things like that by hiding and showing buttons and graphics -- that 
 >of thing. Very labor intensive.

Sounds interesting!

 >Is this Arcade Engine a good buy for me? I'd like to make something 
 >has a more modern look than my 80-90s-looking games. I have Rev 2.1
 >studio. There isn't much info on the RunRev page. Anyone know anything
 >about how it would be to create (royalty free) standalones for
 >distribution with Arcade Engine?

ArcadeEngine will allow you to add very smooth and pretty animation. It 
will add life to your apps. The best thing to judge if it can do what 
you want is to download the demo that you can find on runrevs website:

This is just a small demonstration of what arcadeEngine can do. If you 
like that, I recommend that you download the library and "Getting 
Started" stack at the same URL. Once you've played with it, you'll see 
that scripting is very easy to do.

Regarding the distribution: The only limitation on AE is that you can´t 
use it in Development mode unless you register. If you want to 
distribute your work, you can simply embed it as a substack to your 
stack. Compile your work for any platform you like or distribute to or 
release the stack with AE on board for use in the Dreamcard player. No 
more royalties for that. Your end users won´t have to register the 
library as it works in a standalone or the player without limitation.

In addition you get free online support for the library. If you need 
help on using AE you can join the support forum at

and your questions will be answered as soon as possible. I will prepare 
(and already have posted) some tutorials on using the library. And of 
course I am eager to see what users do with it. :-)

All the best,


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