videoClip does stop playing????

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Jul 15 03:15:48 EDT 2005

Hi Ban,

> Hello,
> I have a video (.mov)
> I create a button (play) with this code:
> on mouseUp
>    play videoClip "my movie"
> end mouseUp
> I also create another button (close) with this code:
> on mouseUp
>   close this stack
>   stop playing videoClip "my movie"
> end mouseUp
> The problem is:  the stack is closed but the video still play (you can
> here it)
> I don't know any other command to stop the video.  Please help.  Thank
> you

use reverse order and the correct syntax for you commands,
that should do the trick :-)

on mouseUp
   play stop vc
   close this stack
end mouseUp

vc = short for videoclip

No need to specify the name of the clip, since only one clip can be  
at a time...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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