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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 13 18:47:17 EDT 2005

Alex Tweedly wrote:
> Would it be at all possible to write a stack that would "export" another 
> stack to some textual format, and then another which would "import" it 
> again (i.e. into a new clean stack)?
> I know the general problem is hard - but I also know that my own stacks 
> tend to follow certain patterns (combination of me getting in a rut, and 
> the fact that I only know about 10% of what Rev can do), so it *might* 
> be feasible to write such a tool that would work for my stacks.
> You probably wouldn't want to write a *product* to do that - but you 
> might be able to write *tool* to do it.

Amen to that. Years ago I started work on a project I called 
"RosettaCard", which would have been a universal file format with 
importers and exporters for all xTalks in common use.  What I found is 
that it's a lot of work for little return:  such things are generally 
only needed once, and there are just enough differences in syntax, 
object model, properties, etc. that an inordinate amount of time gets 
spent managing those differences.

If one needs to do this for just Rev I believe Geoff Canyon wrote one, 
and there are likely others lying around.

But perhaps simpler for this case might be to just strip all the cRev 
custom properties. Chipp has a tool for that, and those are the only 
places where flags could be stored which would affect debugging behavior 
(other than in the IDE itself, of course, but then that's a project for 
RunRev rather than us <g>).

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