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Wed Jul 13 13:33:36 EDT 2005


I have the feeling that you made amazing progress with Rev since a  
few weeks.
Could you *also* tell us about all what Rev brought to you?

Le 13 juil. 05 à 19:28, Jon a écrit :

>>> The engine initializes the windowBoundingRect to be the full  
>>> size  of the main display less these trimmings.  The Rev IDE  
>>> changes it  to also account for its toolbar, which your app can  
>>> do also if it  needs to support a toolbar.
> It is a bit amusing that Rev reduces the vertical size of a  
> maximized app so that the toolbar can be visible.  The toolbar is  
> obscured almost all of the time by the myriad of mis-managed  
> windows when run under Windows.  This token effort to keep things  
> looking good is useless. Until the messy way that all of the Rev  
> windows are managed, under Windows at least, any other ameliorative  
> efforts are worthless.  If Rev managed <alt><tab> behavior  
> correctly (the way people switch between applications under  
> Windows) then the application could be correctly maximized without  
> a problem. At the moment, the fact that Rev applications do not  
> function as every other Windows application functions can only be  
> viewed as a bug by anyone who uses Windows software.

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