Window Positioning Bug? [WORKAROUND]

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I don't know about Mac, but in the case of Windows, and only for screens
with a title bar, that show up in the Taskbar (Documentation window has one,
Application Browser doesn't), you can right click on the window in your
Taskbar and select Move, and then use the appropriate cursor keys to inch
the window back on to your main monitor, from a monitor that has been

Now I suppose, if somebody knows the names of the Application Browser and
Reference Documentation stacks, you could use your Message Box to set their
Locations back to your main monitor. Anyone?

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  On Jul 13, 2005, at 7:40 AM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

    This raises a second question, though. I run two monitors. How does Rev

    address the second or more monitors (I believe the limit software wise

    WinXP is 9 monitors)? I notice, for example that the Documentation

    reliably comes back, where I left it, on my second screen.

  Yes -- what it does _not_ do is come back (at all!) if it last appeared on
the second screen and if the second screen was since disconnected. So --

    But, the

    Application Browser never returns to the second screen.

  -- Rev seems to have a general problem with second displays on Mac.

    I should mention, my

    two screens have different resolutions, which is not uncommon.

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