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Tue Jul 12 15:54:39 EDT 2005

Hi Brad,

1. Have a look at the newTool message.
2. Have a look at the resumeStack message.
3. There are many ways to keep images you want to use as icons: both  
you mentioned may be used. Another one I use often is to put the  
images on the first card (nevertheless they can be accessed from any  
card, even in a substack, but it's more handy to know that you follow  
a rule to locate them easily) without hiding them but just putting  
them out of the card window (bottomRight at "-1,-1" for instance).

Hope this helps.

Le 12 juil. 05 à 21:40, Brad Borch a écrit :

> 1) Is there a function that executes when exiting edit mode and  
> entering  browse mode (e.g., to automatically initialize variables)?
> 2) Is there a handler generated when focus is returned to a stack  
> (say, after a modal or other type of substack is closed)?
> 3) Where do I "keep" images or other objects that will be used in  
> buttons? Should I include them in the stack on a card that is not  
> accessed, or just have them anywhere but invisible?

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