Player will not play long file names!

keith keith at
Mon Jul 11 12:47:27 EDT 2005

Scott, thanks for the info. I looked up the exchange you mentioned:

>>>As a work-around for this at the moment, try setting the filename of
>>>a player to a *real* file URL:
>>>  e.g. file:///Volumes/Primary/Users/mark/Desktop/

>>I've got a bunch of audio
>>files with long names and spaces in the their names.  I've tried setting the
>>fileNames to straight filenames, URLencoded filenames, etc, using URL forms
>>"file:" and "binfile:" and nothing seems to work.

>If you do
>   replace space with "%20" in tURL
>then you should get the desired result. (i.e. don't urlEncode)

So is this space-replacement trick a requirement in Rev 2.6 when 
dealing with long filenames? Mark, any news on when this might go in 
the future, if this is just for the moment?


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