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Saturday, July 9, 2005, 7:29:59 AM, you wrote:

DB> Example #1:  My friend swears up and down that Ford trucks are the best
DB> Example #2:  An ex-girlfriend of mine detests the Applebees restaurant need to take either of those reports seriously, though...

DB> Example #3:  90% of the people I know in the computer world are 
DB> unsatisfied with Microsoft Windows (All Versions).  Have they ever
DB> written a letter or email to let Microsoft know about the bugs that they
DB> experienced...nope. (In most cases they would either switch to a Mac or
DB> just live with it hoping that Microsoft would read their minds.)

This behavior is amplified by anyone's experience having contacted
Microsoft with a support problem. Responsiveness to bug reports is
part of the feedback loop in getting things taken care of. Response to
complaints on listservs and public fora is not, especially when many
of those end up being user issues.

DB> I too have received complaints about my software, as well as bug 
DB> reports, but in the end the best way I've been able to see what people
DB> want is to read the reviews that people post about my program.  Whether
DB> it be on or some random bulletin board.  And you know 
DB> what...I've seen more public posts than emails or letters combined.

I don't know if that's the "best" way, but other than that I agree
that it's certainly a valid way (among others) of gathering input
about your product.

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