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Sat Jul 9 10:29:59 EDT 2005

Mark Wieder wrote:
> Excuse me? ALL your customers have to do is bitch somewhere on a
> listserv and their complaints magically get taken care of? You don't
> use any bugtracking tools to track and prioritize your work? You don't
> have any idea how often certain features have been suggested or the
> severity level of bugs? Oh, sorry, from some of your posts I almost
> had you mistaken for a real developer. My bad.

I happen to agree with Jon.  I have noticed that people are more likely 
to complain publicly about a product than contacting it's manufacturer 
and informing them of their trouble.

Example #1:  My friend swears up and down that Ford trucks are the best 
and Chevy trucks are the worst.  He owned 1 Chevy truck, then 2 Fords, 
and did he contact Chevy to tell them about the problems that his truck 

Example #2:  An ex-girlfriend of mine detests the Applebees restaurant 
because she got a chicken sandwich and it wasn't cooked all the way. 
Now she tells everyone how bad Applebees is.  Did she talk to the 
manager or write the company to let them know there was a problem...nope.

Example #3:  90% of the people I know in the computer world are 
unsatisfied with Microsoft Windows (All Versions).  Have they ever 
written a letter or email to let Microsoft know about the bugs that they 
experienced...nope. (In most cases they would either switch to a Mac or 
just live with it hoping that Microsoft would read their minds.)

I too have received complaints about my software, as well as bug 
reports, but in the end the best way I've been able to see what people 
want is to read the reviews that people post about my program.  Whether 
it be on or some random bulletin board.  And you know 
what...I've seen more public posts than emails or letters combined.

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