How do I make simple multiple user access app?

Marielle Lange M.Lange at
Sun Jul 3 21:32:20 EDT 2005

Sometime around 30/6/05 (at 20:47 -0500) Stephen Barncard said:

>>Are you sure the resources aren't already available at the ISP the
>>office already uses for its web site (assuming it has one)?

>It is a political issue rather than a financial one I'm afraid. [sigh]
>Actually, it is also a practical one, in that she has zero experience
>with scripting (and I mean *zero*) and she wants to do the project
>herself rather than me do it and her not know anything about it. I
>wouldn't ask anyone, let alone my nearest+dearest, to launch straight
>into MySQL from a standing start! Revolution with simple scripting
>and stack structure, yes; MySQL, no. Not yet, anyway. :-)

(I didn't follow the full thread.)

Just in case not. I wonder if you know of PhPMyAdmin (wrongly named as what it
does is administer MySQL db). Visual interface to your database, all
manipulations done via menus and mouseclicks clicks.

To master MySQL is another story. But, by my experience, to manage a very simple
database using phpmyadmin is easier than simple scripting and stack structure.


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