Naming conventions [was: Food Fight]

Dennis Brown see3d at
Sat Jul 2 21:17:33 EDT 2005

Thank you Richard,

Yes, I studied your well written guide before I decided what I wanted  
to do.  The Hungarian and I could just not see eye-to-eye, and I was  
never that good with foreign languages --just a little Latin and  
Spanish;-)  I read my code "out loud" in my head, and I could not get  
past the silent t,g,p etc., in every variable name, so I decided to  
put them at the end where I could just stop pronouncing at the end of  
the word --that seemed natural for me, kind of like name.txt.  I also  
tried to simplify things to the absolute essentials for my needs.  I  
doubt that anyone will have trouble reading my scripts any more than  
if I used no tags at all, which is what I am doing now.  Perhaps a  
few other inventive users who have forsaken all tags (for the same  
reasons that I have) can see themselves clear to using a version of  
the style like I am hammering out for my personal use.  You know how  
it is with us inventors --yes, I really am one.  Besides, I could  
probably write a script that would read in my script style and spit  
it back out in Hungarian if I really needed it to.  Perhaps we could  
make it an official BabelFish translation.  LOL


On Jul 2, 2005, at 6:43 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Dennis Brown wrote:
>> I would appreciate anyone taking a look at what I am planning and   
>> comment if you see something else that I might want to take into   
>> consideration before I code it into stone ;-)
> There's a huge body of xTalk code published over the years by  
> authors who use most of what's been documented here:
> <>
> Much of the style you documented is very similar, such as differing  
> in placing the "g" at the end rather than the more common practice  
> of putting it at the beginning.
> Of course one's own personal style is, well, personal, and the rest  
> of us can keep our personal opinions to ourselves.  But if you plan  
> on trading code with others you might find it easier for author and  
> reader alike to adopt widely-used conventions.
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