How to prevent user navigating cards?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Fri Jul 1 12:03:30 EDT 2005

Hi Ron,

Have a look at the commandKeyDown message.
This message has a parameter which corresponds to the key pressed:

on commandKeyDown pKey
   if pKey id not an integer then pass commandKeyDown
end commandKeyDown

This one will trap all numeric keys.
There is no cross-platform difference to manage since the engine will  
understand the command key on Mac OS and the control key on all other  
You will have a look to navigation with the arrow keys too :-)
Hope this helps.

Le 1 juil. 05 à 17:49, Ron Noice a écrit :

> There's probably a simple way to do this but I'm missing it. I want  
> to prevent the end user from being able to use Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+4 to  
> navigate through the cards in the stack. This would happen more by  
> accident than on purpose but would be very confusing to the user.
> Everything in this application is accessed through card 1 and while  
> other cards are created on-the-fly to hold data, that data is not  
> formatted for viewing and not intended to be seen. So how can I  
> stop the navigation keys from navigating? Thanks. (It will be a Win  
> XP standalone if that makes a difference.)

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