How to safely set the icon of a button ?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Feb 28 16:24:38 EST 2005

J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Even if you use an image's short name as an icon reference, the engine 
> will try to resolve that into an image ID number. Under the hood, only 
> ID numbers can be assigned as icons. So I'm guessing your image IDs 
> duplicate some of those in the Rev IDE. Since it is possible to assign 
> an ID to an image (they are the only controls that allow this, and it 
> is for this exact reason) just assign a different ID to the images 
> that conflict.

I tested this out by simply changing it in the Inspector - and of course 
it worked (thanks again).
But for the real solution, I wanted to reset the image IDs under program 
control (so the app can tell my library what values it is allowed to use 
to avoid conflicts). I wrote a simple function to do this -

> function PlCardInitialize pStartID
>   local tID
>   put pStartID into tID
>   if tID is empty then put 234000 into tID  -- memorable number in 
> "reserved for app" range
>   repeat with i = 1 to the number of controls in stack "Playing Cards"
>     if word 1 of the name of control i of stack "Playing Cards" = 
> "image" then
>       add 1 to tID
>       set the ID of control i of stack "Playing Cards" to tID
>     end if
>   end repeat
>   return tID+1
> end PlCardInitialize
and called this from the "openstack" of my app.  This worked (I'm sure) 
when I first tried it ..... but when I close down and re-opened the 
stack, I get an error

         executing at 9:13:45 PM
Type    Image: image must be open to set id
Object    Playing Cards
Line    set the ID of control i of stack "Playing Cards" to tID
Hint    234001

What exactly does "image must be open" mean ?

I tried delaying the call to PlCardInitialize until after the image has 
been referenced (i.e. specified as the icon for a button), and indeed 
until after it has been displayed - and still get the same error.

When I first tried it, I probably had the library stack open - but can't 
think of anything that I would have been doing to the images themselves. 

Alex Tweedly

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