How to safely set the icon of a button ?

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Feb 27 15:06:56 EST 2005

On 2/27/05 1:26 PM, "Alex Tweedly" <alex at> wrote:

>> The icon is the short ID or short name of the image to use for the
>> current application's dock icon. The icon of a button or stack is also
>> a short name or ID of an image.

> Note - it's the *SHORT* name - so in my case the one that goes wrong is
> image "s1" (for Dreamcard 2.5), or "hq" (for Rev 2.2)
> It seems unlikely that any Rev stack has images called "s1" and "hq" -
> though it might be possible.
> Any suggestions for how I can tell what's happening ?

My understanding is that the icon *has* to be identified by ID (i.e. it is
stored that way). Although it seems you can set it using a name, I've never
done that before. I'm sure what you have is an ID conflict. What ID number
does the button use for itms image?

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