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Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon Feb 28 16:39:09 EST 2005

Hi Rob,

> Hi FRank and Klaus
> Yes Frank  this is OK!
> function content
>   return fld "content" of  stack "frontpage"
> end content
> put the number of lines in the text of content()
> At 18:09 28/2/2005, Klaus Major wrote:
>> You have a handler in the stack script of stack "frontpage" called 
>> "fillfield" and want it to be executed
>> everytime a card is opened?
>> In that case put this into the stack script, too:
>> on opencard
>>   ## or preopencard
>>   fillfield
>>   ## no need to SEND anything!
>> end opencard
> No Klaus, the fillfield handler is in the script of the mainstack 
> "pages".
> It has to be executed when entering card "index" of substack frontpage.
> It does'nt matter where I put the fillfield handler: card-stack, on 
> openstack
> on opencard on preopen..., nowhere this handler is called.
> So I had to put in a navigationbutton on the mainstack "pages"
> go card "index" of stack "frontpage" fillfield and that works!
> But I want it when opening that index/frontpagecard.

It should work when you put this into the script of card "index" of 
stack "frontpage":
(Substacks DO have access to the scripts of their mainstack!)

on opencard
end opencard

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> Rob
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Klaus Major
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