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Rob Meijer robmeyer at hetnet.nl
Mon Feb 28 15:24:37 EST 2005

Hi FRank and Klaus

Yes Frank  this is OK!
function content
   return fld "content" of  stack "frontpage"
end content
put the number of lines in the text of content()

At 18:09 28/2/2005, Klaus Major wrote:
>You have a handler in the stack script of stack "frontpage" called 
>"fillfield" and want it to be executed
>everytime a card is opened?
>In that case put this into the stack script, too:
>on opencard
>   ## or preopencard
>   fillfield
>   ## no need to SEND anything!
>end opencard

No Klaus, the fillfield handler is in the script of the mainstack "pages".
It has to be executed when entering card "index" of substack frontpage.
It does'nt matter where I put the fillfield handler: card-stack, on openstack
on opencard on preopen..., nowhere this handler is called.
So I had to put in a navigationbutton on the mainstack "pages"
go card "index" of stack "frontpage"
and that works!
But I want it when opening that index/frontpagecard.

Good night

robmeyer at hetnet.nl
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