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Sun Feb 27 05:14:10 EST 2005

No I haven't. But I would make a written log of the operations in the
scripts that you output to a log file. This way you can find out which is
the offending command. This beats removing all the scrips until you find the
offending call.

local logfile

on reportlog callinghandling,thelogresult
  if logfile is empty then put getlogfilepath() into logfile
  open file logfile for appending
  write thelogresult to file logfile
  close file logfile
end reportlog

function getlogfilepath
  get the effective filepath of this stack
  set the itemdelimiter to "/"
  delete last item of it
  put "/" & the short name of this stack & ".log" after it
  return it
end getlogfilepath

on whatever
  do something
  reportlog whatever,"did something at" && thetime && "with result" && the
result && etc...
end whatever

-- - just nitrous!

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> Hello all,
> I converted a project which is working fine in the IDE, to a 
> Win32 standalone.
> When I attempt to launch it, it hangs with the "Windows 
> exception not handled" error, when the startup handler finishes.
> This project is using the Valentina dll.
> Has anyone met this issue before ?
> Thanks for help,
> Roger
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