CGI load relative to Perl, etc. (last attempt, I promise)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Feb 26 15:17:22 EST 2005

Dave Cragg wrote:
>> In brief, is Rev more efficient, less efficient, or roughly on par 
>> with other scripting languages for CGI use?
> I can't give an authoratative response. But I suspect you'll find Rev 
> compares pretty well when doing something like working with large files.
> Rev's weakpoint is that it has to load for each CGI request. When 
> compared against something like mod-perl or ASP, which are already 
> loaded by the http server, it can be considerably slower. But as the 
> ratio of the time to do the task to the time to load the procees 
> increases, I think you'll find the difference narrows.
> For what's it's worth, I use Rev CGI scripts for an educational app that 
> runs worldwide for a few thousand users, and I've never had any comment 
> about performance. (this is on both Windows and Linux servers)


I found this on Slashdot about pros and cons of Perl vs, C, and much of 
it applies to my choice:

The sum of posts there is pretty much an argument for Transcript as 
well: there may be faster options, but the real bottleneck is in the 
connection, not the processing, so the productivity gained is usually a 
good investment.

Since Transcript's chunk expressions are unique among CGI alternatives 
and using Rev facelessly on a server appears to remain free, it would 
seem useful for RR to encourage such use at it may help folks get hooked 
on the language. :)

Cons: - engines loads with each call
       - not all hosting companies allow custom C-based CGI apps

Pros: - efficient and simple chunk expressions
       - one language for server and client
       - code can be protected, making CGI products more viable
       - rich file hierarchical file format accessible with
         array notation for custom props makes many storage
         tasks a breeze

Has anyone here found a way to use a standalone as a CGI on BSD?

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