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Saturday, February 26, 2005, 9:10:30 PM, you wrote:

RM> But there are handlers you have to execute inside
RM> a module, f.i. (openscript; book=stack, page=card)
RM> In an addressbook each person has his own page and
RM> I have to add a new one:
RM> get page "index" of book "addressdata"
RM> if syserror <> null
RM> open look()    ----to get look;return viewer "look";end
RM> currentpage of look()=last page of book "addressdata"
RM> in look()
RM> send newpage
RM> name of this page="whatever"
RM> blahblahblah
RM> end
RM> close look()

If I understand what you're trying to do here, the following will
create a new card at the end of substack "addressdata":

push card -- called from mainstack
go to last card of stack "addressdata"
create card "whatever"
pop card -- return to mainstack

RM> You may use a viewer to show a (part of) a page,
RM> where you want to see special data: f.i. one user
RM> wanted to see what product was the most lucrative,
RM> so he opens a viewer, showing a part of a page
RM> where that list was placed:

So your page data is larger than the displayable card screen space?
There's been some discussion on this list lately about this, but
personally I prefer to create a different card for each view, populate
the card with info from the source data card, then display the view
card for the user. The lock screen command is very handy for this:

lock screen
go to card "Cost Analysis"
put field "unit cost" of card whichProduct into field "unit cost"
put field "widgets" of card whichProduct into field "widgets"
unlock screen

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at ahsoftware.net

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