Rev, Europe, 2006, Bacchus

sims sims at
Fri Feb 25 07:18:28 EST 2005

>Alex Tweedly wrote:
>>So probably not something you'd travel a long way for on
>>its own - but combine it with a trip to EuroDisney or
>>the Edinburgh festival or ....
>...dinner at the Bacchus restaurant in Mdina, if you can justify the 
>excuse to get back to Malta.  :)
>Damn I love that place....
>  Richard Gaskin

Come on by Richard...hopefully before the 2006 EuroRevCon...and
I shall buy you dinner at Bacchus, and Sunday morning cannolis
from Rubino's.

We are hard at work doing research for the 2006 EuroRevCon
and will have more information soon.

ciao ciao,

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