RunRev minimum requirements [was: Re: Rev 2.5 and OSX 10.1]

Judy Perry jperryl at
Fri Feb 25 11:22:31 EST 2005

Yes, and I know I brought up the issue some time ago with respect to the
educational community, in which Win 98 or even Win95 can be a deployment

I had to deploy my master's project stack on old Windows with I think
something like either 32 or 64 MG RAM.  Tops.  As in, "extremely painful".
(and this was higher ed!)

Now, I don't have some funny insistence that Rev support Win 3.11 or Mac
OS 6.x, but I'd like to have some sorts of "heads-up" that, 'while Win98
is supported, you'll wish that it wasn't' advice.



On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, graham samuel wrote:

> Curry, FWIW when I had an issue with RunRev on Windows 98 I got some
> similar responses - one of which pointed out that Microsoft itself had
> abandoned the OS - but I knew that there were many people out there
> wanting to use my stuff that were still using W98 and likely to
> continue for some time.
> What I think RR might perhaps do is to give developers (us) some
> pre-warning of their intention to drop an old OS or an old minimum
> system requirement like RAM or screen size - saying for example you've
> got 6 months to persuade  your customers to upgrade. This could be
> useful from a marketing point of view, I think.

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