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>I wouldn't mind "Edinbrah" eitha!
>I used to race this game in this the streets of the city and it was 
>remarcably similar to the city in the game! Nice it was!
>Then again, a continental meeting would be easier for a majority wouldn't 
Would it ? So far, 4 people have posted on this topic - 2 from Scotland, 
you and Graham who (I think) gets counted  for both UK and continental. 
So if there are others who would be interested - let's hear from you.....

I'd be interested in somewhere on the mainland as well - Paris in the 
first few days of August would be good (meet up with folks going to the 
IETF there) - but I'd consider anywhere (interesting) that I can get to 
at reasonable cost.

If we were to do it in Edinburgh - my offer of a place to meet up, and 
accommodation in my 2 or 3 spare bedrooms is a firm offer.

btw - Graham said "... if anyone is serious ..." I'd be serious about 
attending (subject of course to location and timing). I don't think this 
should be thought of in the same terms as the RR conference Dan is 
organizing, or the wonderful EuroRevCon that sims did last year and will 
do again in 2006. This is more like a local user group - just there 
isn't the right concentration of  interested RR users to get something 
similar off the ground for most of us. I picture a few people getting 
together over a couple of days, and talking about and showing what 
they've done. If we got one or two "prepared" talks, that would be fine 
- but if we didn't, and simply chatted and got to know each other, and 
learnt a few programming tricks, that would be OK too. So probably not 
something you'd travel a long way for on its own - but combine it with a 
trip to EuroDisney or the Edinburgh festival or ....

Alex Tweedly

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