News of Shafer eBook Publication Plans

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
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Aren't there small-scale publishers that specialize in per item
printing? Basically, you send them a pdf of the book, and a list of
customers with addresses. They print the book on a double-sided printer,
bind it on one of those spiral binding machines, and mail it out to the

I know it costs more per item than large-scale printing, but is still
not outrageous.

Dan, I'd be happy to try to find such a company for you, if you have not
already considered this possibility. You can always pursue both
approaches - and only publish the book form when someone actually orders
a book.



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Glad to hear about this but I only just ordered Volume 1 yesterday!

Pity about the lack of print publishing as I like to read manuals 
AWAY from the computer.

I would hope the Runtime people will consider forming some of the 
more basic booklets into a users guide as the current documentation 
is OK for reference but not much good for example and inspiration.


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