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>Dear Fellow Revolution User:

Dear Dan

>As you know, Runtime Revolution and I have been working for some months 
>trying to find a conventional publisher to handle the second and third 
>volumes of my "Software at the Speed of Thought" book series. I appreciate 
>your patience while we worked on this problem.
>The bad news is that we were unable to interest any publisher in the 
>books. The community is too small at this point. Publishers want to see 
>upwards of 50,000 users of a product before they show interest in 
>publishing books about it. While Runtime Revolution certainly plans to 
>reach that level of penetration in the near future, it doesn't have those 
>numbers today.

This is exactly the sort of thing that occurs on RISC OS all the time. I 
remember that there was a publisher in England that specialises in small 
runs of books (up to 10,000 and typically 1-2,000). Mail me privately if 
you want me to try and get the details for you. I know that some of the BBC 
BASIC books were published this way and since they are in the UK it may be 
handy for runrev.

All the best

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