Religion, politics and cheese

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Fri Feb 25 04:12:39 EST 2005

Dear all,

It's quite a long while since I made a listmom type post, perhaps its time
for another one. There are lots of new members on the list since the last
time, who could probably do with a welcome.

Welcome! This is the use-revolution discussion group, specifically for
discussing how to use Revolution and Dreamcard. We try to keep more or less
on topic, since its a fairly high volume list as it is, and adding many
threads about the weather, the state of the nation, and food preferences
tends to annoy large numbers of people fairly quickly :). In particular,
religion, politics and cheese are definitely off topic and should be

General list mechanics.

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appears. To avoid this happening, if you have more than one email address I
advise you to subscribe all of them, then set all but one email address to
"no mail" so that you don't receive duplicates of the mail sent to the list.

You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and change your preferences here:

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I'm sure some of them will chime in with urls.

You cannot post attachments to this list. If you have something you want to
share with list members, the best thing to to is put it on a webpage
somewhere and post the url.

This list is maintained and monitored by RR, but it is not a reliable forum
to get direct help from the team. If you have a specific issue regarding
licensing, technical problems or something you feel should be addressed
directly by a Runtime staff member, you should email support at, not
this list. The help and advice freely given on this list is given by
Revolution users, out of generosity and community spirit.

And finally, don't forget the smileys! Text is a difficult medium to convey
tone of voice and expression, and easily misinterpreted. Its not hard to
unintentionally give offence, or take offence where none was meant.
Tolerance and a sense of humour are valuable assets!

Warm regards to all,

Your local and global listmom

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