Rev 2.5 and OSX 10.1

curry curry at
Thu Feb 24 17:55:32 CST 2005

It's hard to believe, and a bit troubling, that the majority of 
responses to my report about Rev 2.5 crashing on OS 10.1 have been 
suggestions for me to upgrade. I'm sure this is meant well, but it's 
not relevant. When I posted that I thought surely this is obvious 
enough to need no long and drawn-out explanation, but okay, here goes:

1. Rev is officially supported on 10.1. It's supposed to work on 
10.1. See the requirements quoted below.

2. Rev crashes on 10.1 (my version is 10.1.3), this officially 
supported OS version.

3. This is a bug (a critical one)-- and it's now #2632 in the 
Bugzilla database.

4. RunRev co. evidently wants Rev to work on the supported range, 
including 10.1; I previously submitted bug # 450, about Rev 2.1 
crashing. They appreciated the report and fixed the problem. (Kudos 
to them--I think it's great that they support it and fixed it.)

5. However, the problem is that the testing and fixing on 10.1 is 
happening too late--as long as this range is continued to be 
supported, it should be checked in alpha/beta with 10.1 so that the 
finals are in good shape. That was the main idea of my post here--Rev 
needs beta testing with 10.1. That's the point.

I think I did try out a 2.5 preview, and it didn't crash. But right 
about that time I got really busy with other things and didn't have 
time to keep up with Rev stuff for a while, so I didn't keep testing 
them. I'm coming back to spend more time with Rev now, but I only 
have access to public betas.

(6. And this should be parenthetical because it is not the 
issue--this is not about my personal computing happiness or me 
"holding out" on 10.1. My intent is to make apps for others and I 
want to know that the minimum requirements I list are accurate. I 
would rather (if I can afford it) have the latest system on a new 
computer than to upgrade this one. Okay? :-) No need to worry about 
me personally, I'll be fine and I could upgrade if I choose, but that 
wouldn't solve this issue at all, in fact it would make it worse in 
the big picture, as far as Rev's compatibility is concerned.  This is 
not about me, but about Rev and the apps we make with it.)


For the development environment:

Mac OS X 10.0.3 or later
Memory: 128MB total
Disk space: 50MB available

For compiled applications:

Mac OS X (any version)

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