OT religious controversy

Mark Swindell mswindel at santacruz.k12.ca.us
Thu Feb 24 18:11:06 EST 2005

On Feb 24, 2005, at 1:58 PM, Raymond E. Griffith wrote:

> Well, in Program Philosophy I am an "intelligent design" advocate. If a
> program isn't intelligently designed, it doesn't matter that someone 
> created
> it.
> That was why Hypercard got a bad name. There was lots of creationism, 
> but
> not as much intelligent design.

Which is why, I've always suspected, HC was put on the v-e-r-y s-l-o-w 
upgrade path and then abandoned altogether by Apple.  Far too easy for 
us commoners to make buggy,  bad-looking apps that ran poorly.  And as 
home-brewed stacks got a bad name, what parent company was going to get 
a bad name by association?


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