Best way to handle web app connection timeout ?

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Tue Feb 22 12:02:58 EST 2005

Robert ,

Thanks for the reply, but actually it doesn't help much...
One thing I forgot to mention is that I'm also using a
similar token generation technique to identify each user,
in another part of the same project that involves a website
on which being connected doesn't always mean being
logged, as some pages are available to non-members (users
who don't have a log & pwd).
But as you said, these token need to be saved on the client
side somehow in order to survive crash... and I don't want
to save anything on the client side...

I've made some experiments with the technique described in
my previous post : sending automatic requests every minute
or so to the server... it works fine, but I'm still worried about
increase of activity on the server side...


> I have faced a similar issue. Actually, worse it seems. Some of my
> users use dialup services that may assign a different IP address to
> each request, so ip is not fixed even during a single continuous
> session. One solution I came up with is to use a custom generated
> token to track the session instead of ip address. It combines fixed
> part of the ip range with portion of seconds(). Of course, in order
> for it to survive a crash, it has to be somehow saved, although I
> actually allow (and require) relogin for those services when token is
> missing.
> Robert
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