ANN: Undo Architecture SDK

MisterX b.xavier at
Mon Feb 21 23:38:07 EST 2005

hum, I might as well put this up like this...

It may not be the ultimate undo mechanism

but it has the API you need to redo or undo anything!
All the changes, actions, and properties are logged with
a limit or not, exported or not (in simple xml).
The latest beta version info:

The 270KBs file download in Rev form...

Will the next feature undo anything? What do you prefer to undo?

I go many ideas but it's still time before I commit to a plan of action

I know many of you would rather do your own (NIH) but here is one model that
does it all! But after hearing a few suggest features I already got, it
wouldn't be nice to delay it...

No, the undo doesn't undo, redo or REPLAY yet... Hopefully I will finish
that part this coming weekeend if snowboard conditions are not good on

-- - nitrous ideas in script!

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