Zoom out

Derek Bump webmaster at dreamscapesoftware.com
Sun Feb 20 16:23:53 EST 2005

> Hi all I'd like to know how would zoom out on a stack which Is bigger then
> the screen to see it on the screen ?

Well, you could take a snapshot of the stack, resize it to fit, and then 
display the image in place of the stack.  Only problem there is that the 
stack would not function correctly (because your looking at an image).  But 
if that's not a concern then go for it!

The other option is to write a REALLY complex resizing script that can do 
all the math for figuring out the aspect ratio of all objects, and then 
resizing them according to your stack's width and height, and their own 
location.  If you can handle that then great, but it's one project I won't 

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

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