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On Feb 21, 2005, at 7:57 PM, Mikey wrote:

> Huh?  The information I was able to find says that there's a report
> editor available via the Tools menu, but I don't see it in the demo.

There used to be (before Rev 2.5), but it was rather useless and it was 
removed.  I think there are still some places in the docs which refer 
to the report editor, but those are documentation errors.  No report 
editor, sorry.

>>> 8) It would appear that the only difference between the versions of 
>>> RR
>>> is SSL.  Is that right?
>> And database support + the ability to build standalones and develop on
>> all plattform instead of just distributing to these platforms (if
>> nothing has changed since I last checked. :-) )
> Hmm.  The  standalones and the multi-platform development isn't
> specified on the site.  What's the story?

For the lowdown, check here:

Basically, Studio adds building of standalones and free access to all 
of the online tutorials (the movies in RevOnline) to Dreamcard, and 
moving up to Enterprise lets you run the IDE on multiple platforms with 
one license, and includes Oracle database and SSL support (both of 
which cost extra $$$ with Studio).

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