noob questions

Mikey mikeythek at
Mon Feb 21 14:22:09 EST 2005

I've used HC for FOREVER.  We have several active stacks that are
still part of our corporate structure.  However, we also use a number
of other IDE's, so before we fork over for yet another toolkit, I need
to be able to justify it.

Please forgive all the noob questions.  I'm sure I'll have a pile of
them.  The RR people have told me I need to go over here to get them

1) Can I create my own classes?  I see somewhere that I can create
custom properties, but I didn't see how.
2) Is there more internet protocol code available, e.g. POP3, SMTP,
telnet, etc.?  I know I can write it since I wrote my own mail server
in another IDE, but I'd prefer not to.
3) Is UDP supported in the sockets goop?
4) Is there some way to have substacks or different stacks running in
different processes?
5) Where the heck are the manuals?  It's hard to RTFM when the docs
that come with the demo are, to say the least, sparse.
6) Report writer - not included with the demo, need to know more.
7) It appears that there is an HTML-rendering window type included,
but I don't see any documentation on it.
8) It would appear that the only difference between the versions of RR
is SSL.  Is that right?

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