Page-turn visual effect?

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Makes one eager for OS X.4, huh?  Core Image will include a "Page Curl" 
transition filter.  I do hope these are accessible as transitions from 
within Rev (anyone know if Core Image transitions will show up in 
QuickTime under Tiger?  As in "answer effect"?)  That would be cool.

Windows is toast.  At least in the realm of pro image/video editing.

On Feb 21, 2005, at 12:59 PM, MisterX wrote:

> Surely,
> You can cover the screen with a black irregular polygon and make it 
> look
> like it's a turning page.
> Put a pattern of a page on the polygon and voila... Untested but should
> work.
> Maybe someone knows an image bitmask (8 bit operations only ;( ) that 
> makes
> it work smoothly with just an image or a gradient pattern?
> cheers
> Xavier
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>> Are there other visual effects besides those listed in the Rev docs?
>> Specifically, I'm wondering about something that simulates
>> page turning for an ebook project I'm working on.
>> Thanks,
>> Mark
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