More Newbie questions

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Sun Feb 20 13:57:46 EST 2005

I seem to have screwed my self into a problem.

I was trying to create a function that was part of the OpenStack call 
that made a connection to a database, run a "SELECT *..." call, then 
position to the first record ready to go.  Well, I made a typo on one of 
the lines but now I can't change anything because this executes when I 
open the stack and never closes because of the error.  I can get to the 
script and I can TYPE the changes but RR refuses to save the changes 
because the script is still "running."  Do I have to throw out 
everything else I've done and start over to get rid of this error?  I 
hope not because I was following what I've been told is the "right" way 
to write RR stacks, namely, do the GUI first and then write the scripts 
for the controls.

Any advise would be appreciated (like how do I stop the OpenStack from 
running in the first place? 


Len Morgan

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