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Sat Feb 19 23:55:41 EST 2005

Ola compadre! 

> > I made this cool conversion of the script
> > proposes for tutorials. check it out...
> Great job, xavier!!! :-))
> > It's not so obvious converting flash scripts and their convoluted 
> > animation frames but I got it down to something simple and 
> easy now. 
> > And
> there's 
> > more to come!

I got 3 of them now, one being really really cool graphics! I'll post it

> These are really good news, indeed!
> I was expecting for some gifted mind
> able to explain all these actionscripts
> twist and turns in native transcript terms.
> My wait is over!  :-))

Anything you want. But im new to flash so some things still escape me... 
Instead of cards, they use frame animations, they jump from one to the
other. So playframes(2) is the same as go to card 2! But cards dont share
the same graphics, so some backgrounds or groups transliteration might be
necessary. I rather put it all into one card. 

Where Flash has object._x, or this._x you just apply the left of me or the
left of thisobject (where this object contains the long name of the control)

it's really simple come to think of it!

> Notice Xavier, when i enter the mouse pointer in a vector 
> graphic with the script you posted, it moves quickly to the 
> top of the stack...

Yes, it moves to the mouse's position or the default x,y...

> Could you make it move smoothly to this new position?

That's coming next week, the smooth move animation vector class!

> When i let the vector grc drop it bounces from the middle of 
> the graphic not from the base...
> Could you make it bounce from the graphic's base?

Of course but I'd rather have the ball squish instead, no? ;))

That's in 1 to 3 weeks from now! :)

> Thanks for sharing!
> Keep up(loaded) your good work!
> al
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