New user just introducing myself...

Todd Higgins higginsta at
Sat Feb 19 16:55:01 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,

I purchased Dreamcard last fall and I upgraded to Revolution last month 
just in time to take advantage of the AltBrowser/MagicCarpet Xmas combo 
(Thanks Kevin and Chipp for the generous offer!)

I have learned quite a lot about Revolution by reading the list (though 
I don't know how anyone can keep up with all of the traffic)  and I 
want the makers of Revolution to know that part of the reason I decided 
to go with Revolution was because of the high quality (and personable) 
nature of the list.

Like Len Morgan (another Revolution beginner on the list - Hi Len) I am 
having a hard time grokking Revolution.  It seems like most people who 
come to Revolution have had previous experience with Hypercard (alas I 
was not so lucky, the first Mac I bought was a IIsi and it only came 
with the Hypercard player and I could not find the "full" version.)

  I am an experienced computer user,  who has dabbled with Applescript 
and some shell scripting for my customers, but I have never worked in 
an IDE and have never developed a GUI tool.  (My daytime job is  
"System Engineer" where I work on OS X Servers and W2K Servers)

When I was evaluating Revolution previously, I remember seeing a 
tutorial section under help.  I couldn't seem to find it in the 2.5 
version, so I just ordered Dan's book : )

What other good habits would I do well to develop?  Also, what plugins 
or externals do people consider "essential" to the Revolution 
development experience?  I have read about a few on the list, but I'm 
not sure if the apply to me (or if I would just be unnecessarily 
complicating my learning curve)  Any suggestions will be gratefully 



Todd Higgins
ASG Systems Engineer
MICRO Technology Groupe, Inc
voice: 215-788-6811 fax: 215-788-1766
email: higgins at  www:

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