Simple "word-scramble" stack

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On 2/19/05 11:24 AM, "Klaus Major" <klaus at> wrote:

> Hi Ken,
>> On 2/19/05 6:46 AM, "Wilhelm Sanke"
> SIC!
>> <sanke at> wrote:
>>> While visiting a family with a third-grader I noticed a (written)
>>> foreign-language exercise that used scrambled words. As the father of
>>> the third-grader had an older Metacard version on his computer, I sat
>>> down and produced a computer version of the exercise, which the young
>>> child seemed to like very much. I added a standalone splash screen to
>>> enable the young user to make changes to the lexicon and add words of
>>> her own choice.
>> Very cool, Klaus!
> Ehm..., lots of work?
> Actually it was Wilhelm who posted this, see above ;-)

Whoops! Sorry, Klaus!

(Man, I've been working too much...)


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